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Shafique Pappa

Stephen White

Greg Wright

Reyna Brizuela
UX Designer

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Russ Conser


Dan Ranta

Knowledge Sharing

Ben Wilson

GE Oil
& Gas CTO

Dominic Ybarra

Edelman Senior VP
& Technology Lead

Qukku's tl;dr

Tools should help you and your team get results fast, together. This gives you back extra hours to do stuff you love.

Work apps can feel welcoming, immersive and make you feel happy. We've always used all 64 crayons, which is why Qukku is so darn colorful.

Teams work best together when there's a common purpose, feedback is transparent and everyone learns from each other.

Nobody ever wrote a comment or post with the primary goal of it being searched for later. Having a dedicated workspace for your work, feedback, versions and guidance means that you don't have to worry about appeasing the search gods to find that 1 key comment.

Love the work that you do and where you do it. This means having fun and getting work done can happen, but purpose matters. Some call this our Mullet Principle ... business in the front (ideas) and party in the back (messages).

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