Collaboration doesn’t have to be messy.
It just has to be awesome.

Seamless idea collaboration

Unclutter your mind and your work by having dedicated spaces for each of your team’s ideas. Everything you need in one place and super simple to use ... idea versions, feedback and guidance.

Work together on anything ... anywhere, anytime

Quickly post your idea and get your team involved in seconds. See their feedback in one convenient place and post your update. Do it again until you make the idea great!

Unlimited work versions

Versions of each idea and associated feedback are effortlessly saved and tracked. Easily access prior iterations and comments as you build organizational memory, rather than losing it to the blackhole of email and chat.

Transparent, useful feedback

Tap into your brilliant team by easily getting their help without being bogged down in disconnected feedback or endless meetings.

Threaded discussions

No more feedback whiplash. Productive, actionable conversation occurs as all comments are kept together.

Comment dispositions

Feedback becomes manageable with the ability to consume and dispose comments by accepting, declining or reposting them to another idea.

Purpose-driven guidance

Our purposeful guidance provide step-by-step directions through key questions and relevant rubrics to help your team rapidly iterate on its ideas.

Expert guidance

Expert recipes provide you and your team the right amount of guidance to make your idea come alive, while keeping your team focused and nimble.

Customize your own

You can easily customize your own guidance to fit your team’s needs and experience. Save your best guidance and reuse it for other ideas your team has.

Teamwork that isn't work

Access to simple, elegant user controls allows you to easily manage collaborators to your team or your idea in a single click.

Team & idea permissions

Build your team to conquer your ideas or invite outsiders to help only on a specific idea. Better yet ... mix & match by doing both, along with complete control over user collaboration roles.

Agile delivery management

Our social delivery management tools that come from the best of DevOps and Agile. The idea organizer provides your team project statuses at a glance along with automated project updating.

Do more, chat less

Send messages - and gifs or lols - to friends and teammates. Qukku helps you follow the mullet rule for collaborating smartly. Business in the front, with your ideas ... and party in the back, with your chats.


Messages enable quick text conversations along with sharing rich media, links, or file embeds. This keeps the discussion about what's for lunch from mixing with the work due tomorrow.


Our smart and purposeful alerts only notify you when you need to act. Easily respond to your team's feedback as the notifications take you to the right spot everytime.