Get results fast, together.

Your team is smart, but too busy. We feel you. Qukku makes it easy to work together to make your ideas better. It’s collaboration, guidance, and feedback for your team, all in one place.

Qukku is free to use for as long as you want with unlimited collaboration and an unlimited number of your ideas.

A smart collaboration app
for smart teams

Purposeful guidance

Have an idea and want to move fast? We do too. Select one of our handcrafted recipes and follow the ingredients to bake your idea quickly as a team, while still having room for the creative juices to run wild.

Shared space

One place to collaborate on all of your ideas, with all of your teammates present. Quickly add text, images, video or data streams to an idea. Plus, everything is indexed for rapid access whenever you want it.

Transparent feedback

Easily take action on teammate comments and instantly keep everyone informed on what happened. Now, you can get work done, rather than chatting about it or wasting time on yet another meeting.

Who wants limits anyway? With Qukku, your ideas are yours and you are free to access them anytime for an unlimited time. Even our attorney said “HECK YEAH!”

Work awesomely, together.

Create, edit, and share your ideas.

Like all great ideas, yours is a work-in-progress. Now, you have the ability to easily polish that idea with help from your teammates and turn it into results.

Start quickly with our lightning-fast idea capture and on-point guidance.

Revise your idea like a master whenever, however you’re ready.

Share your ideas with others to work awesomely together as a team.

Get feedback and give some too.

All of that great feedback for your ideas is super simple to work through with your ability to consume comments and automagically notify your teammates of what decisions you made as a result. Your teammates will think that you just developed a new super power!

Pay it forward too by easily helping your teammates on their ideas!

Do it again, until it's great!

Whoa. Collaboration has never been easier ... and faster. Your idea is literally growing up right before your eyes.

No more meetings for the sake of meetings. No more crazy email chains. No more endless chats.

Just results, baby. Results as team. High five!

Get to start. Then finish, together.

Smart collaboration for your smart team with simple, fast results. Now you can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Teams from the around world use Qukku to get more done together and to make their ideas better, faster.

Dream in color. And make your ideas come alive.

Qukku is free to use for as long as you want with unlimited collaboration and an unlimited number of your ideas.

You can easily upgrade to one of our paid plans, which offer more features, controls and loads of other nifty stuff.